Cedar Grove Residential Treatment Center

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The residential treatment program at Cedar Grove Residential Treatment Center offers specialized care to sexually reactive and sexually abusive males, ages 11 to 17, who also struggle with behavioral health issues. The community-based program teaches appropriate behaviors through cognitive restructuring, contingency management and counseling.

The education department operates on a normal school day. Classes are small, and students are placed based on their level of functioning and past academic achievement. The school is a fully accredited academic program, and all credits earned are eligible for transfer to the home school upon discharge. Special education classes are also offered.

Every resident receives an individualized care plan developed by a multidisciplinary treatment team. This team, under the direction of a medical doctor, includes the resident and their family, licensed clinicians and certified special education teachers.

The goal of the residential treatment program is to successfully reunite each youth with their family and community upon completion of treatment.