Children's Hospital at Providence

Children's Hospital at Providence Logo

The Sierra Providence Health Network (SPHN) continues to further its commitment to the children by improving the scope of the pediatric care in El Paso. Offering some of the latest pediatric technologies, The Children's Hospital at Providence seeks to maximize opportunities for positive outcomes through innovative treatment approaches developed specifically for children.

The hospital consists of four units, Oceanville, Jungleville, Kidsville and Teenville totaling over 100 beds and are dedicated to making the stay a little less frightening by offering a colorful, kid-friendly atmosphere.

The Children's Hospital staff also receives specialized training in the treatment of children. Many members of the nursing staff have received PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certification. These health professionals are part of a team that may include pediatric sub specialists in cardiology, pulmonology, surgery, oncology, gastroenterologist, and neonatology among others.