Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital

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Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital provides an intensive dual track treatment program for military service members and veterans, who have experienced trauma and are in need of detoxification and/or rehabilitation for substance abuse. At its foundation, our program provides intensive trauma-focused multi-disciplinary treatment (i.e., psychotherapy, nursing, psychiatric and spiritual) with the goal to improve patients’ overall resiliency. Holistic in nature, the Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital provides services that enhance the mind, strengthen the body, and empower the spirit.

Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital is a 56-bed free standing behavioral health facility part of the larger North Star Behavioral Health System. North Star is one of Alaska’s top behavioral health providers, specializing in helping young people with life’s challenges through our acute care and residential treatment programs since 1984.

Anchorage is a modern city with a thriving business district and bustling international airport. As Alaska’s largest city and the 68th city of its size among U.S. cities, Anchorage is the hub of the state’s communication, transportation, health care, finance, and trade industries, supporting a vital business sector. With four universities and many technical, vocational, public and private schools Anchorage is an urban metropolis surrounded by wilderness. Cultural activities, recreational amenities and other conveniences of a large city abound.

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