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The Wisconsin Dells area is made up of two communities, the City of Wisconsin Dells and the Village of Lake Delton. Wisconsin Dells has 2,498 year-round residents, while Lake Delton is home to 1,470. The area encompasses 18.2 square miles. Wisconsin Dells is situated in Wisconsin’s Heartland, in the middle of the southern half of Wisconsin.  It’s about 115 miles west of Milwaukee and about 50 miles north of Madison. The School District of Wisconsin Dells includes an area of approximately 186 square miles, and comprises the counties of: Columbia, Sauk, Juneau, Adams and Marquette. All or part of the following municipalities are in the district: City of Wisconsin Dells; Village of Lake Delton; and Towns of Newport and Lewiston, Delton, Dellona, Lyndon, Dell Prairie, Springville, Jackson, New Haven and Douglas. The school district serves a student population of more than 1,700 students with approximately 500 high school students, 800 elementary public school students, and 400 middle school students.