Emanuel Medical Center - Turlock

Emanuel Medical Center - Turlock Logo As part of the Modesto Metropolitan Statistical Area, Turlock had a population of 55,800 in the 2000 census and is the second-largest city in Stanislaus County. The city's recent rapid growth is evident in its current official population of 70,158. Turlock was founded on December 22, 1871, as a station during the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad. It grew to be a relatively prosperous and busy hub of activity throughout the end of the 19th century but was not incorporated as a city until February 15, 1908. Turlock became known as the Heart of the Valley because of its agricultural production. Various religious centers reflect a diverse population, such as Sikh Gurdwaras, various Christian Assyrian churches, and many mainline Protestant, Mormon, and Catholic churches have been built. During World War II, the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds was the site of one of three Japanese-American internment camps and held over 3,000 interned American citizens.