Fairmount Behavioral Health System

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About Fairmount Located on a 27-acre wooded campus, Fairmount is a peaceful, therapeutic environment for patients and families. Fairmount is a major regional resource for children, adolescents and adults who have psychiatric and behavioral problems as well as alcohol and drug dependency. The spacious campus bordering Fairmount Park in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia is a peaceful setting for patients and families. Fairmount is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

Mission Statement

We offer hope by providing a safe place for people to begin recovery and to develop healthy behaviors with dignity.

Vision Statement

We will be known as the behavioral health provider that lives by our values, thus ensuring that each patient feels empowered, develops healthy behaviors and has a personalized treatment experience. Our employees will have such confidence in our services that they would entrust their loved ones to our care. We will be the employer of choice for employees at every level, creating pride through teamwork, collaboration, fairness, and follow-through. We will have a reputation for unrivaled partnership with all of our associates and guests, including our patients, their families, and our community.

Our Values

Service Delivery

Our patients deserve effective and predictable treatment programming to help develop healthy behaviors. A patient’s time with us is limited and so we must take advantage of the opportunity to stabilize and teach healthier coping skills. This means that all services are delivered, on time, and with the highest quality. We “set the tempo” by providing choices within structure, so that we may maximize our patients’ interest and participation in treatment activities.

By admitting a patient, we have made a promise to them and to the other stakeholders in their life. We promise to provide accurate and thorough assessments; to develop and implement a rigorous treatment plan; to deliver group therapy and psycho-education each day, on time; to document our actions completely and promptly; to follow the clinical schedule; to develop a careful and effective discharge plan. We follow-through and keep our promises.

Each behavioral health or psychiatric condition is unique, and the appropriate treatment approach varies depending on the severity of the illness, as well as one’s medical and psychiatric status.

While one person may be able to spend an hour each week with a therapist to discuss one’s inner most thoughts and feelings and to find resolutions to problems, another may need more or less therapy to support their recovery. Even though each recovery journey is unique, a single best practice that we believe can benefit every individual — a multidisciplinary treatment team.

Simply put, a multidisciplinary treatment team means that professionals across multiple disciplines are involved in the patient’s recovery process, including psychiatry, psychology/therapy services, social work, nursing and internal medicine.

A multidisciplinary approach makes sense when we consider that individuals have psychiatric, medical, psychological and sociocultural influences.  In light of this combination of factors, it makes sense that specialists in each area would collaborate to help patients address their behavioral health needs and work towards recovery.