Glen Rose Medical Center

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Glen Rose Medical Center offers 24-hour emergency care services when you require them the most. Glen Rose Medical Center is proud to have held a high level of service since 1998. Patients’ can be assured that the emergency department team will treat them with the utmost care, and if the patient needs a higher level of care, they will be stabilized and transferred to a higher level of care in a timely manner. At Glen Rose Medical Center, our goal is to provide quality healthcare close to home.
 Community Information

Established as a trading post in 1849, Glen Rose sits surrounded by river highlands that make for plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. Located at a picturesque spot on the Paluxy River, where it merges with the mighty Brazos River, Glen Rose boast itself as "the Dinosaur Capital of Texas." If you enjoy outdoor recreation, archeology, and the arts, Glen Rose is for you.