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Physicians admit to Grant Regional Health Center in Lancaster, Wisconsin, a 25 bed JCAHO accredited hospital with 24 hour ER coverage. The progressive acute care hospital includes surgical suites, a procedure room, walk-in care, birthing suites, rehabilitation and outpatient specialty clinic area. The service area of Grant Regional Health Center includes approximately 23,000 patients. Grant Regional Health Center celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2005. Grant Regional Health Center maintains close relationships with specialists from regional medical centers in Madison and Dubuque. Many of these specialists come to Grant Regional’s Outpatient Specialty Clinics. 

Lancaster is the small town people dream of, a town where everything is within walking distance, in scenic southwestern Wisconsin. Lancaster is the county seat of Grant County, a prosperous agricultural county. This part of Wisconsin is a popular vacation area known for its rolling hills and scenic vistas. Lancaster sits on a ridge and is surrounded by rich farmlands and wooded valleys. In Lancaster, parades go around the courthouse square, activities are centered at the schools and churches; the county fair is held every August; the park pond provides fishing in the summer and ice skating in the winter. The Lancaster School District consists of three schools; an elementary school, a middle school and a senior high school. St. Clement parochial school is also in Lancaster. Lancaster is within 90 minutes from Madison or LaCrosse, and 30 minutes from Dubuque, Iowa, all three offering easy access to all the amenities these larger cities have to offer.