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Physicians work in a 5,000 annual volume, low acuity emergency department providing emergency medicine services to low acuity patients. Physicians also provide inpatient services to patients admitted to the inpatient floor from the emergency department and receive additional compensation for inpatient encounters. Hardtner Medical Center is located just 50 miles south of Monroe and 50 miles north of Alexandria on US Hwy 165. HMC is the region’s premiere primary health care facility. Staffing 25 med surge, 5 emergency room and 7 observation beds, HMC is staffed by physicians specializing in family practice, internal medicine, optometry, ophthalmology, psychiatry, orthopedics dentistry, pathology, radiology, anesthesiology, and general surgery. HMC also provides a full array of imaging, laboratory and rehabilitation services.

Community Information

Olla is known for its excellent natural ground water, which became the site of the Olla Bottling Works during the 1920′s. The information of the Olla State Bank in 1906 helped secure economic viability to the region that supported area saw mill payrolls and survived the great depression until its merger in the 1980′s. The discovery of the Olla oilfield in 1938 also helped foster new growth and economic sustainability. Olla continues to be a regional hub for banking and is heavily involved with the forestry and petroleum production industries.