HealthLinkNow II

HealthLinkNow is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Universal Health Services.

HealthLinkNow is a leading provider of evidence based Telepsychiatry services in a number of states with over 20 years’ experience practicing through Telepsychiatry. HLN provides a simple to use system with technology training and administrative support. Clinical services will be provided via HIPAA compliant Telepsychiatry platform and EHR.

HLN Telepsychiatry provides convenient access for patients by easily bringing quality psychiatric services to patients in our contract facilities and clinical care settings across the country.  Patients treated have diverse psychiatric and substance abuse issues and are in multiple levels of practice setting such as Inpatient Hospital, Residential Treatment,  Partial Program Outpatient, traditional outpatient, emergency room, C/L services and more.

Joining the network of psychiatrists at HealthLinkNow will allow you to focus providing quality care to people using today’s advanced technology.

See videos of how we work at our website.