Heartland Behavioral Health Services

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Heartland Behavioral Health Services offers residential treatment and acute hospitalization for youth ages 4-21.   For more than 100 years, this facility has provided care and treatment for children and adolescents. We are proud of our team of professionals, our newly renovated facility, and our expansive campus, which provides us the opportunity to Change Lives.

We are about the quality treatment of children at Heartland Behavioral Health Services. We believe in returning children to families or the community as quickly as possible. A big institution isn’t the ideal place for kids, but Heartland is a safe, positive environment where they can receive the treatment they need. Our psychiatric hospital offer services and specialty programs that other residential programs do not. Our focus is to change the lives of children and families.

Heartland Behavioral Health Services' facility is nestled on 50 secluded acres in Nevada, Missouri, providing the perfect setting for our residents to heal and grow.  A reprieve from everyday life, our peaceful environment allows residents to return to the basics and reconnect with themselves and others.   At Heartland, children learn strategies to cope with everyday challenges as they are exposed to a holistic approach to health and wellness. We will provide them with a safe and structured environment to begin the process of healing and behavioral change. Our goal is to teach children how to live successfully in the community.