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Located in Charlotte, North Carolina , The Keys of Carolina’s Residential Treatment Center provides programs for both male and female youth in need of long-term mental health behavioral care. Residential services are delivered in two different methods: a medical model and a social model. The medical model provides an environment focused on extensive, long-term inpatient psychiatric care. The social model is more rehabilitative, focusing on the reduction and elimination of socially unacceptable behaviors. Both modalities of residential treatment are designed to teach youth how to live independently and function effectively in society.

Residential Treatment Services are provided in programs for adolescent males and females and a specialized program provides treatment for sexually aggressive males. Our treatment model incorporates the individual developmental strengths and weaknesses of each adolescent into an individualized treatment plan. Therapy, milieu and other treatment applications are cognitive-behaviorally based, with a focus on developing desirable patterns of behavior. Services emphasize respect for each individual’s needs and strengths and are designed to enhance personal growth and healthy relationships. Professionally trained, dedicated staff are guided by the philosophy that individuals are responsible for their own behavior and well-being, and possess the capacity for change.

The Keys of Carolina is CARF-accredited and licensed by the North Carolina Council of Community Programs.