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Located in Montgomery County in the northern Blue Ridge Highlands region of Virginia, Blacksburg is home to the largest university in the state, Virginia Tech. The town offers more than 200 shops and restaurants throughout the community. With a wide variety for shopping and exotic to traditional dining, Blacksburg is a town for all tastes. The community fosters the arts and culture and has received authority from the Virginia General Assembly to create an arts and cultural district, permitting the town to provide incentives for arts-related organizations and businesses in the district. Existing venues such as the Lyric Theater, the Armory Art Gallery, and many arts-related businesses in downtown Blacksburg provide a strong foundation for this growth. In addition, the town is collaborating with the Virginia Tech Arts Initiative, including several projects located at the interface between the university and the downtown area. Cultural sites within and around the Town reveal the rich history of the area. Sites include the original layout of the town "Sixteen Squares" and other sites such as Historic Smithfield Plantation, The Huckleberry Trail, Solitude, and the Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech. The Town of Blacksburg was a founding member of the New River Heritage Coalition, a collaborative effort among cultural sites from the region.