Madison County Medical Center

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Madison County Medical Center offers 67 private rooms and 4 ICU beds. Services include L&D Trauma Service and a Pediatric Unit. The Emergency Department has a State Trauma Designation Level IV and has 4 ED Beds. A certificate of need has been filed with the state to build a replacement facility for the 67-bed, over 40-year-old facility located in Canton. With a location just off the interstate across from Nissan, the new medical center will afford excellent access for all parts of the county and provide emergency care literally within minutes of the 4,000-plus Nissan employees and those businesses employing hundreds located near the Nissan plant while remaining true to their friends and neighbors in Canton. MCMC operators have an option to purchase the land for the proposed site, which will be executed upon approval of the Certificate of Need.

Canton, Mississippi is a typical small southern town and is the county seat of Madison County. Canton is located exactly in the center of Madison County and has the American Indians to thank for its founding. The total land area of Canton is 22.3 miles. The area enjoys complete seasonal cycles, with pleasant spring and fall seasons. Winter months are mild, with cold spells of short duration. Summer months are quite warm. Located in central Mississippi, Canton is 20 miles north of the capital city of Jackson. It is a lively, self-sufficient community in the metro area. There are city parks for family picnicking, taking a stroll or just letting the kids play. The city has many restaurants and shopping centers. You can enjoy football, baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis at the city recreation center. Canton has been through many changes and set backs, but, by 1991, the city was ahead of its time and now, through the partnership created with the public and private sector, Cantor has recaptured the feeling of “stepping back in time” while re-creating a central business district that is positioning Canton for its place in the 21st century.