Newport News Behavioral Health Center

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Newport News Behavioral Health Center provides focused acute, intermediate and long term care to adolescents with psychiatric and behavior disorders. All highly structured services are provided by multispecialty treatment teams of clinical staff and physicians. Newport News is located within the city of Newport News, Virginia and is a JCAHO accredited residential treatment facility


Newport News Behavioral Health Center residential program, for males and females ages 11-18, consist of a cognitive behavioral treatment model that encourages youth to safely explore thoughts and feelings related to the development of positive and desirable behavior within their homes and communities.  Our programs have been designed to provide each individual resident quality mental health treatment in a safe therapeutic environment.


Newport News is a subsidiary of Universal Health Services (UHS). The campus located in Newport News, VA is 33 wooded acres within a short drive to scenic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach and Norfolk.  The area offers a wide range of recreational and cultural activities, as well as the influence of many colleges, universities and medical schools.

Newport News BHC website is accessible via the main UHS website at