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Facility Information

Piedmont Newton Medical Center’s Emergency Department (ED) provides patients with a high level of care when they need it the most. The ED treats more than 40,000 patients a year – that’s more than 100 patients a day.

The Emergency Department is designed to handle almost every type of emergent and critical care situation. Piedmont­ Newton Medical Center’s Emergency Department is equipped with 17 acute beds, including 4 cardiac beds and 5 trauma beds. The ED treats patients dealing with serious injuries, life-threatening illnesses, and multiple system organ failures.

Community Information

Covington is a warm, friendly community with culturally diverse roots that date back to the early 1800s. Southern heritage and hospitality, coupled with long-standing forward thinking local government leadership and community planning makes Covington, Georgia the ideal place to live, work, or visit. Often called the “Hollywood of the South”, Covington or at least parts of it has been viewed through the medium of the television and movie screen across the country and around the world.