Provo Canyon School

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Provo Canyon School   is recognized by multiple federal and state organizations as an intensive, psychiatric youth residential treatment center in Utah because of the depth of our professional clinical staff, medical staff and our focus on evidence-based, clinical “best practices”. PCS utilizes an “Acuity Based Care” (ABC) model that identifies and re-assesses the strengths and needs of individual students. This model re-assesses individual needs continually in order to assign specific resources, supports and interventions for insuring the student’s greatest potential for personal success. In essence, we evaluate the individual needs of each of our students and support their success by ensuring that they receive an effective array of services based on their individual level of need.

PSC has been providing mental health care for youth ages 12-17 for nearly 40 years. It is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced treatment facilities for young people. Our alumni and friends are our largest source of referrals, and our caring professionals operate in a unique environment which helps make a positive difference in a teenager’s life.

What sets us apart?

  • Intensive academic program
  • Long-tenured staff
  • Therapeutic approach
  • Structured environment
  • State licensed, JCAHO and NAAS accredited
  • Member of NATSAP.
  • Separate male and female campuses
  • Credentialed therapists and medical staff

Provo Canyon School is owned and operated as a subsidiary of Universial Health Services, Inc.