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Riverton has many faces, and so do the people. Here a bank president may also shoe your horses, and doctors and lawyers can be found driving cattle on the weekends. It's a community where men and women fly around the world to conduct their business, but come home to Riverton to conduct their lives. But don't let that mislead you. Central Wyoming College provides some of the finest educational programs in the state, and also offers a 1,000-seat theater that allows cultural events, plays and programs. A diverse library, strong churches, a lush green city park, an excellent 18-hole golf course and a modern Airport with daily flights to Denver highlight the town's many amenities. Hundreds of motel rooms, dozens of restaurants and plenty of shopping make Riverton a natural and comfortable site for visitors as well as residents. Here you will be surrounded by the Owl Creek and Wind River mountain ranges and blessed with clean air and plenty of sunshine, and add to that the convenience of modern living within easy reach of world-class outdoor recreation. If your leisure time is as important as your work time, Riverton is just the place for you!