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Scotland Health Care System, Laurinburg, NC is a community owned and controlled not-for-profit organization that includes Scotland Memorial Hospital, Scotland Physicians Network, Scotland Regional Hospice, Scotland Family Counseling Center, and Scotland Memorial Foundation.

At Scotland Health Care System, we provide our medical communities access to better healthcare with advances in medicine, strides in technology, creative and innovative changes in what and how we provide a continuum of care.  We continue to focus on a patient-centered, ambulatory based delivery model providing Safe, High Quality, Compassionate, Sustainable health care and overall well-being to the citizens we serve. 

Scotland Memorial Hospital is a 104-Bed acute care hospital, located in Laurinburg, NC, that has served the needs of the community for over 70 years.  Just recently our Hospital has been recognized as 1 of the top 49 hospitals in the country for patient safety and the only hospital in North Carolina to achieve this recognition!

Beneath the tall stately oaks lies Laurinburg, North Carolina.  A 3-time All American City, located in the Sandhills region, Laurinburg offers the charm and quiet living of a small southern town with close proximity to larger cities.  Pinehurst, with well renowned golf courses, is only 35 minutes north, Fayetteville just 45 minutes away and under 2-hours to Myrtle Beach, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Wilmington!

Scotland Health Care System is part of one of the nation’s largest, most innovative health care systems – Atrium Health.  This relationship provides us with leading edge technologies and the collective knowledge of the most advanced minds in medicine.

Scotland Health Care continues to concentrate on what the community wants: High-Quality services focused on individual patient needs.  With a staff of over 100 Physicians and Advanced Clinical Practitioners, and over 1,000 associates on staff, we are the county’s largest private employer.  We continue to recruit and retain quality professionals to provide excellent, safe health care close to home, ensuring health and well-being with a personal touch and always putting Patients First.


Scotland County is a cultural crossroad with a rich mix of heritage, history, traditions, food, exciting things to do, topped with a large helping of true Southern hospitality!  Located just 35 minutes south of Pinehurst, with well renowned golf courses, 45 minutes from Fayetteville, and under 2 hours from Myrtle Beach, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Wilmington.

Scotland Heritage dates back to waves of settlers and cultures have expanded the original Lumbee Indian Tribe including Scots Highlanders, African slaves and their descendants, colonial farmers, and veterans of the War Between the States.

With the largest concentration of Highland Scots in North America, mark your calendars to attend the Highland Games held in October.  Scottish lads compete in traditional events including Tossing the Caber (a massive tapered pine pole), Scottish Hammer Throw (weighted metal “stone” attached to a shaft), Sheaf Toss (throwing a 20lb bale of straw vertically with a pitchfork), plus piping, drumming, dancing and Tartan glory of this unique culture.

Equestrian Center, located on the campus of St. Andrews University, is 300-acres, with (4) Barns, (112) Stalls, (1) Outdoor and (2) Indoor Arenas, Outdoor Show and Teaching Areas, Hunter Trial Courses and Permanent Jumps.  Numerous events and competitions held yearly.

Landscape – the Sand Hills of Scotland County mark the shorelines of an ancient ocean where a line of dunes can be seen near adjacent county.  The area has Longleaf Pine Trees, scrubby Blackjack Oaks, interspersed with bogs and swamps, and Knobby-Kneed Cypress Trees.  The Lumber River, a wild and scenic river cloaked in green, wanders through the landscape.

Animal and Plant Life consist of Barred Owls, Ducks, Herons and other waterfowl, Deer and Beaver, Mountain Laurel, Wild Azalea and Spider Lilies and the odd Pitcher Plant.

Outdoor Life – The land gives access to a variety of pursuits including golf, hiking, biking, fishing, local parks, paddle sports, wine tasting, the trails at the Outback Motorsports Complex, Rockingham Speedway, Rockingham Dragway “The Rock”, multiple festivals and events reflecting many cultural textures and traditions.

Scotland County is the Soul of the Carolinas which is a place where the still-living spirit speaks of all the cultures that have moved across the face of the land from the time before the white man right down to the present day.  It’s a place where theses cultures trade and mingle, where they acknowledge their past, and where they share their stories and knit their hopes for the future!