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Foundations Recovery Network (FRN) is the premier provider of integrated treatment for co-occurring addiction and mental health concerns, offering residential and outpatient services nationwide. At each facility, we focus on patient-centered care and an individualized approach, upholding a high standard of innovative treatment and compassionate attention to each patient's needs. We are committed to providing and promoting evidence-based treatment for individuals with co-occurring disorders through clinical services, education and research, and our purpose is to create lifetime relationships for long-term recovery. Everything we do is designed to support recovery in a comprehensive way, addressing the needs of the whole person: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We provide the foundation you build the life.


Just 40 minutes northwest of Orlando, located in the quaint town of Mt. Dora, Seven Waters offers integrated treatment for those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. Treatment methods including DBT, CBT, medication management, relapse prevention, life skills training and holistic options combine to provide a comprehensive treatment experience that addresses the whole person. Under the warm Florida sun, patients acquire the tools needed to resolve trauma and overcome obstacles, empowering them to reach their potential and achieve long-term recovery.  Seven Waters is a subsidiary of Foundations Recovery Network a subsidiary of Universal Health Services (UHS).