Skywood Recovery

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Skywood Recovery a 100-bed residential treatment facility is part of the Foundations Recovery Network, a nationwide family of integrated treatment facilities. The facility opened in April 2016 in  Augusta, Michigan just minutes from Kalamazoo and serves a diverse adult patient population. Skywood  follows  the Foundations Recovery system of care focused on the whole person, treating mind, body and spirit for lasting recovery. Our treatment methods are evidence-based and research-proven.

The treatment experience at Skywood is comprehensive, compassionate and tailored for each patient's needs designed to meet their personal goals in recovery, step by step. Patients are fully assessed and treated for their co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders through clinical services, social services, education, research and technical assistance. Our motivational approach, incorporating 12-Step principles, has garnered advancement in recovery rates. The use of motivational services based on the patient's stage of readiness promotes engagement, retention and solid long-term recovery outcomes.

Hope can be found on a pastoral campus situated among flourishing wildlife and tranquil greenery. Paved paths weave around fields, woodlands and ponds to each of the unique buildings that form Skywood Recovery. In such a place as this, all kinds of people can rediscover their selves and begin a new life in recovery.

Skywood Recovery is a subsidiary of Foundations Recovery Network which is newly owned and operated itself as a subsidiary of Universal Health Services (UHS).