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Kokomo, Indiana, is the county seat of Howard County, Indiana's 13th largest city, and the principal city of the Kokomo, Indiana, Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Howard and Tipton counties. Kokomo's population was nearly 57,000 people as of 2012. As a result of the natural gas boom, Kokomo attracted a number of industries, which resulted in significant technological innovations and caused Kokomo to become officially known as the City of Firsts. Among other achievements, Kokomo was a pioneer of automobile manufacturing with the test-driving of the early internal combustion engine auto there on July 4, 1894; in 1898 the Haynes-Apperson Automobile Company for mass-production of commercial autos was established; in 1912 stainless steel flatware was invented in Kokomo; in 1938, the Delco Radio Division of General Motors (now Delphi) developed the first push button car radio; in 1928 Kemp Brothers Canning Co. developed the first canned tomato juice; in the early 1920s, the first mechanical corn picker which was developed; the first Ponderosa Steakhouse opened in 1965; and the first McDonald's with a diner inside was opened in Kokomo.