St. Vincent's Blount Hospital

Facility: Located in picturesque Blount County, the 40-bed St. Vincent s Blount hospital is a busy community hospital with deep roots and a vision for the future. Recently celebrating its 10th anniversary at its present location, the hospital continues to serve the county with inpatient, outpatient, and advanced diagnostic services. As Blount County continues to grow, plans call for the expansion of hospital service lines and continued growth in outpatient services. By demonstrating compliance with The Joint Commission s national standards for healthcare quality and safety, St. Vincent s Blount earned The Joint Commission s Gold Seal of Approval TM in 2008. The hospital actively participates in Clinical Excellence initiatives with St. Vincent s Health System and parent organization Ascension Health. The hospital offers surgical, emergency, diagnostic, intensive care, pastoral care, and wellness services to the community. Medical specialties include: Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, ENT, Family Medicine, GI, General Surgery, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Nephrology, Pain Management, Pathology, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Physical Therapy, Radiology, and Urology. Organization: St. Vincent s Blount is a part of St. Vincent s Health System, a ministry of five healthcare facilities based in Birmingham, AL. This includes: St. Vincent s Birmingham, St. Vincent s Blount, St. Vincent s East, St. Vincent s St. Clair, and St. Vincent s One Nineteen Health and Wellness. Together, we provide a special brand of high-touch, high-tech quality care to people in more than 40 different zip codes. Our healthcare family has an extensive network of skilled physicians and associates, as well as the most advanced technologies available. We are a part of Ascension Health, the nation s largest Catholic and non-profit health system, with more than 100,000 associates serving in 20 states and the District of Columbia. We are committed to providing healthcare that works, healthcare that is safe, and healthcare that leaves no one behind for life. Visit us at Ascension Health is committed to caring for those who are most in need in the communities we serve. Our Mission, Vision, and Values guide our actions and provide the foundation on which our ministry is built. We strive to bring spiritually centered, holistic care that sustains and improves the health of our communities. Our Call to Action represents the conviction of every one of our local and national leaders that we are stronger together than we are alone. The Sponsorship of Ascension Health is built on a legacy of healing and service and invites collaboration with others who share our Mission. Our Leadership is comprised of men and women who have committed their talents and experience to transforming healthcare. Our work is enabled by an Operating Model that supports leadership across our ministry and provides local hospitals and related health facilities with the authority and accountability to make good decisions for the communities they serve. The definition of modern health care is literally changing by the minute. There are new opportunities and challenges. We are committed to the provision of compassionate and comprehensive quality care and invite you to explore the opportunities available to you to partner with us in accomplishing our mission. Visit us at