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Elkton in Brief
Located at the northern headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay, Elkton offers all the comforts, charm, and atmosphere of a small town but is just minutes away from larger cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia. Many of its colonial structures remain, and are surrounded by buildings that reflect an active business community.

The Elkton File

  1. Education. The Cecil County Public School District is well regarded with respect to quality; it operates an elementary, middle and high school in Elkton.
  2. Real Estate. Elkton offers real estate options from affordable starter homes to waterfront estates.
  3. Family. Elkton is a great place for families, given its small-town charm and proximity to big city amenities.
  4. Culture. Elkton residents have plenty of culture at their fingertips, if not within their town. Nearby Newark, Delaware as well as Baltimore and Philadelphia offer myriad options.
  5. Recreation. Elkton offers plenty of recreation options, including tennis courts, multipurpose fields, outdoor basketball courts and walking trails.
  6. Weather. With an annual average temperature of 53.5°, Elkton is just one degree off the U.S. average; January’s mean temperature is 30.8°, while July’s is 75.4°.
Elkton Fun Fact
Elkton was once known as the "Gretna Green of the West" because of its popularity as a place for eloping couples to marry, until a 1938 state law required a 48-hour waiting period.