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Fredericksburg in Brief
Fredericksburg, known as "America's Most Historical City," is a small town that features distinctive neighborhoods, many of them historic. Residents enjoy accessibility to one of the nation's finest cultural resources—Washington, D.C.—but love living in a small town with a more gentle and friendly pace.

The Fredericksburg File

  1. Education. Focused on its motto, "Excellence in Education," Fredericksburg City Public Schools provide a quality education that assures opportunity and equality for each student.
  2. Real Estate. Whether you seek a home dating back to the 18th century or one featuring more modern design, you can find it in Fredericksburg.
  3. Family. Fredericksburg is a great place for families; the book "Life in America's Small Cities," ranks it third out of 219 small cities across the U.S. with the best quality of life.
  4. Culture. Fredericksburg has numerous studios, galleries, theaters, museums and concert venues; a special treat is First Fridays, when downtown abounds with rich cultural and entertainment opportunities.
  5. Recreation. Fredericksburg residents can take advantage of recreational opportunities in 21 outdoor spaces, as well as enjoy its walking trails, playgrounds, swimming pool and the Rappahannock River.
  6. Weather. Fredericksburg has a four-season humid subtropical climate that's characterized by hot summers and cool winters.
Fredericksburg Fun Fact
In 1728, Fredericksburg was named for Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-1751), eldest son of King George II of Great Britain and father of King George III—and its older streets still bear the names of members of the British royal family.