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State Blurb—Connecticut


TeamHealth operates practice groups in Hartford County, Fairfield County and New London. The Constitution State is one of the smallest states (#48), and although it ranks 29th in population, it’s also the fourth most densely populated state.


Region Blurb


Hartford, CT


Biggest city is Hartford, the state capital. Established in 1666 as one of the state’s four original counties. Home to Bristol, where ESPN’s central studio is located. Notable native: Gary Burghoff, actor who played Radar O’Reilly in the movie and long-running TV series, M*A*S*H





Hartford County, Connecticut


Hartford County in Brief

Located in the north central part of Connecticut, Hartford County is best known as the home of the state capital, Hartford. Another claim to fame is in Bristol, home of ESPN. A sense of community and history define this diverse, family-friendly county, which has a high quality life reflected by vast public parks, high-ranked education systems, and aggressive economic development.


The Bristol File

  1. Education. The schools in Hartford County have a reputation for excellence; many students score at or above Connecticut Academic Performance Test proficiency levels.
  2. Real Estate. Hartford County offers real estate options at all budget levels, from affordable starter homes and condos to vast country estates.
  3. Family. Hartford County is an excellent place to raise a family given its focus on education and the availability of many child-friendly activities.    
  4. Culture. Hartford County offers a rich and varied cultural scene, including numerous art galleries, museums, theaters, music venues and restaurants.
  5. Recreation. Hartford County residents have access to numerous parks and golf courses as well as the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America, Lake Compounce.
  6. Weather. Hartford County enjoys a temperate, four seasons climate.


Hartford County Fun Fact

One of Bristol’s nicknames is the Bell City, because the city has a history of manufacturing innovative spring-driven doorbells.