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Nausau County, NY


A suburban county just east of New York City typically referred to as Long Island (along with Suffolk County). According to Forbes, is the 12th richest U.S. county and wealthiest in New York. Has two cities, three towns, 64 incorporated villages and 60+ unincorporated hamlets. Notable natives: Alec, Daniel, Stephen and William Baldwin (Massapequa)


Nassau County, New York


Nassau County in Brief

Part of what’s referred to as Long Island (with Suffolk County), Nassau County is a family-friendly enclave that offers a more relaxed lifestyle than its neighbor to the west, New York City. From gorgeous beaches, parks, and marinas to local festivals and a vibrant arts scene, this community really does have it all.


The Nassau County File

  1. Education. Home to more than 50 school districts that employ the latest technologies and practices, Nassau County education is tops in New York State. 
  2. Real Estate. Nassau County enjoys a strong housing market.
  3. Family. Nassau County is a great place for families since countless activities and festivals are planned for children of all ages.    
  4. Culture. Nassau County’s cultural scene includes museums, historical attractions, theaters, a performing arts center and a variety of venues where music can be enjoyed.
  5. Recreation. Nassau County has many recreation options, including golf courses and driving ranges; an aquatic center, waterfront activities, and numerous parks and preserves.
  6. Weather. Like other coastal areas in the Northeast, Nassau County has warm summers and cool winters.


Nassau County Fun Fact

Charles Lindberg took off for Paris from Nassau County’s Roosevelt Field in 1927, when he completed the first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight.