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Northern MA in Brief
"The Garden City" features miles of coastline, numerous public parks and beaches, and lots of open space. Northern MA is made up of diverse neighborhoods, boasts a thriving downtown, and multiple business/employment centers. Just 23 miles from Boston, it offers the benefits of small-town living, close to big-city amenities.

The Northern MA File

  1. Education. Northern MA is home to a first-class public school system, many private schools, Endicott College and Montserrat College of Art.
  2. Real Estate. Northern MA's housing market offers everything from luxury properties with waterfront views to more affordable homes and condos.
  3. Family. Northern MA offers a wealth of events and activities designed with families in mind as well as many parks, ponds and playgrounds.
  4. Culture. Northern MA has a variety of historical points of interest, a newly created Arts District, diverse cultural and artistic resources, and more than 100 restaurants.
  5. Recreation. Northern MA residents enjoy recreational opportunities of all types, including tennis, golf, water sports, cardio and core training, running, yoga and more.
  6. Weather. Northern MA experiences a continental climate; the weather can change quickly. Summers are warm and humid, while winters are cold, windy and snowy.
Northern MA Fun Fact
The Cabot Street Cinema Theatre is home to the world's longest running magician's show, featuring Marco the Magi and Le Grand David.