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The dynamic city of Phoenix offers just about everything: sports, recreation, arts, culture, dining and financial opportunities... plus beautiful weather year-round. One of the country's fastest-growing cities, Phoenix is a popular relocation destination for seniors and families who want to take advantage of its quality of life.

The Phoenix File



  1. Education. Phoenix provides an array of schooling options, from 325 public schools in 30 school districts to more than 200 charter and private schools.
  2. Real Estate. With housing costs below the U.S. average, Phoenix is a buyers' market; it has one of the lowest average prices for new single-family homes.
  3. Family. Given its reasonable cost of living, Phoenix is an excellent place for families, and many community events are focused toward the youth population.
  4. Culture. Phoenix offers an abundance of cultural and arts attractions, everything from galleries, museums and historical villages to theatre and fine dining.
  5. Recreation. Phoenix's award-winning Parks and Recreation Department oversees more than 100 parks, 29 public pools and many public golf courses.
  6. Weather. Phoenix is well known for its beautiful weather; the city's average annual daytime temperature is about 82 degrees and it gets just seven inches of rain per year.

Phoenix Fun Fact
Phoenix was officially recognized in 1868, but it wasn't until 1874 that President Grant issued a patent for its 320 acres... at a cost of $550.

Good Samaritan, St. Joseph, Arizona Heart Hospital and various hospitals throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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