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Western MA in Brief
Due to its many historic and contemporary homes, Western MA is a vibrant community. 2.5 hours from New York, residents of this diverse area speak more than 40 languages, giving it a truly international flavor.

The Western MA File

     1. Education. Western MA is home to many fine public, alternative and charter schools, including three involved in the prestigious International Baccalaureate program.

     2. Real Estate. Homes in Western MA cost far less than comparable homes in Boston, New York or other Massachusetts communities

     3. Family. Western MA is a great place for families seeking more home for the money and the chance to enjoy a community living lifestyle.

     4. Culture. Western MA's cultural scene includes a symphony orchestra, theater productions, music performances by all genres, museums, and restaurants featuring international cuisine.

     5. Recreation. Western MA residents enjoy recreational opportunities of all types, including swimming, boating, hiking, skateboarding and more.

     6. Weather. Western MA climate is warm and humid during the summer, with temperatures in the 80s, and very cold during the winter, with temperatures in the 30s.

Western MA Fun Fact

A river bottom near Salmon Falls in Western MA is now nearly dry and has the largest selection of glacial potholes in the country. These ancient potholes, predating the Indians by thousands of years, came into existence by attacking whirlpools of water and gyrating stones of the Glacial Age that eroded the granite.