The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana

The Regional Medical Center of Acadiana Logo Lafayette, the heart of Acadiana and the unofficial capital of Cajun Country, with its gleaming present belies an exciting and captivating past. Lafayette is a metropolis which displays an extraordinary mixture of tradition and progressiveness. Having a rich French heritage blended with Spanish, American, Indian and African influences, the city represents a colorful combination of lifestyles.  Lafayette is good food, good music and good times. It’s boudin for breakfast, shrimp poboys for lunch and seafood gumbo for dinner. They’re the “Tastiest Town of the South” and home of the best world music festival. Lafayette has a city population of 122,761.  It is 35 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico and Baton Rouge is 56 miles NE and New Orleans is 135 miles east of Lafayette.