Dermatology Physician Job with Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic in Gillette, WY

Dermatologist - Prospective Philosophy - ACCEPTING NEW GRADS

  • Accepts J1 Visas: Yes
  • Accepts H1B Visas: Yes
  • Loan Assistance:Yes
  • Private Practice
  • Academic Opportunity:Yes
  • Telemedicine Opportunity:No
  • 11/17/2022
  • 1081510
  • 1007

Job Summary:  Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic is a newly founded team-based physician-led, comprehensive health and wellness clinic in the beautiful area of Gillette, Wyoming. Our company was created to provide prospective healthcare resources to the community and meet the needs of our patient base. To do this effectively, we encourage a spending more time with patients through a lower daily patient volume. We are seeking a compassionate Dermatologist to permanently join our team of Internists, specialists, and other medical staff. This position will offer a traditional approach  to medicine, as well as DPC and concierge care, prospective care, hyperbaric medicine, and other methods focused on regenerative/ longevity medicine and research. HH&WC offers top-tier technology resources to help achieve these goals and is open to additional resource recommendations pertaining to your specialist field. 

Your duties will include ensuring long-term, comprehensive, and prospective care is provided for the patient base as well as assisting in the development of emerging medicine in the regenerative field. This will include the treatment of common and complex disease and collaboration  with other team members to effectively diagnose patient  cases. A Dermatologist  will  include consulting with patients and determining skin ailments, prescribing medication, undertaking skin therapy treatment, performing non-intrusive surgery, and developing a resource for skincare. You should also consistently develop your industry knowledge in order to provide patients with the latest treatment and resources.  You should be proactive in building relationships and recommend specialists when patients require treatment outside your medical purview. Effective teamwork abilities, communication skills, and ethics are highly important at HH&WC. We believe all team members  should exhibit these skills to help maintain company culture and ensure the best patient care possible. (brief description below)

  • Offering skin consultations.
  • Evaluating patient skin conditions by screening for disease.
  • Utilizing patient medical history as part of skin assessments.
  • Prescribing medication for the treatment of skin conditions.
  • Performing non-invasive surgical procedures on the skin  to improve appearance, make early diagnoses, or control diseases such as skin cancer.
  • Referring patients to advanced specialists when necessary. 
  • Talking to patients about the status of their skin health.
  • Advising patients on effective use of skincare products and regimes. 
  • Counsel patients on topics such as the need for annual dermatologic screenings, sun protection, skin cancer awareness, or skin and lymph node self-examinations

Company Mission and Philosophy:  Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic is owned by physicians who have teamed together to help end discrepancies they have seen for decades in the healthcare space. Our mission is to help patients truly live better, healthier lives by providing comprehensive care  through a variety of specialists and support services. HH&WC  has an integrated regenerative & longevity philosophy that functions hand-in-hand with treatment planning, preventive care, and team collaboration on patient cases. We believe that patients are more than their diagnoses and deserve access to the best education and resources we can provide. To ensure this mission is met, we focus on integrating highly effective technology, encourage collaboration among the team, and take lower patient volumes to allow patients more time with our staff. 

Benefits and Compensation:
  HH&WC offers a highly competitive, negotiated base salary with additional incentive opportunities in the fields of tele-health, hyperbaric medicine, regenerative research, and more.

Sign-On Bonus:  $20,000+ at the commencement date of contract.

Health Insurance:  100% Employer-sponsored health insurance, including a low-deductible health plan through UHC, Vision, and Dental.

Additional Insurance:  Large employer monthly allotment for Disability, Life insurances, Cancer coverage, Accident policies, Hospital Indemnity coverage, and more through multiple supplemental companies.

Pre-tax:  Full access to a Section 125 Plan that alleviates medical taxes (per IRS Guidelines).

Retirement:  Highly matched 401(k).

PTO & leave:  Generous PTO with accrual and carry-over opportunities, annual sick leave, annual bereavement leave, maternity leave, and more.

Bonuses:  Equal access to company-wide and individual bonuses based on position, personalized  incentives, and more.

Continuing Education:  $5,000 annual CME with additional support for travel and expenses, including 5 paid CME days annually. 

Relocation and Housing Assistance:  $20,000+  relocation bonus with additional reimbursements and support. 

Malpractice:  Employer paid malpractice coverage ($1,000,000 / $3,000,000). 


Dermatologist Requirements:

  • Valid Medical Degree (MD or DO);
  • Completion of residency in dermatology at point of hire;
  • Possess active medical license to practice dermatology in Wyoming, or the ability to obtain;
  • Active DEA certificate, or ability to obtain; 
  • Board certified, or eligible;
  • Effective verbal and written communication abilities; 
  • Compassionate and empathetic with patients and other team-members.