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 Job TitleLocationDistanceDate
987329Physician - Academics-Family MedicineLake Charles, LA33 MI05/19/2022
938753Physician - Academics-Emergency MedicineAlexandria, LA111.4 MI05/10/2022
1000768Physician - Academics-Family MedicineLufkin, TX151 MI03/30/2022
997361Physician - Academics-Neurological SurgeryNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI03/16/2022
997394Physician - Academics-Infectious DiseaseNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI03/16/2022
997397Physician - Academics-EndocrinologyNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI03/16/2022
998220Physician - Academics-Cardiology - Non-InvasiveNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI03/21/2022
989058Physician - Academics-Hematology and OncologyNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI02/11/2022
977188Physician - Academics-Physical Medicine and RehabNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI12/20/2021
980730Physician - Academics-Orthopaedic Surgery - Foot and AnkleNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI01/10/2022
983189Physician - Academics-HepatologyNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI01/19/2022
984299Physician - Academics-NephrologyNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI01/24/2022
1004395Physician - Academics-Neurological SurgeryNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI04/14/2022
1009065Physician - Academics-GastroenterologyNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI05/04/2022
942247Physician - Academics-Geriatric MedicineNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI08/27/2021
946753Physician - Academics-HospitalistNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI08/27/2021
946755Physician - Academics-GastroenterologyNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI08/27/2021
946757Physician - Academics-NephrologyNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI08/27/2021
336016Physician - Academics-Family MedicineNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI08/27/2021
731924Physician - Academics-GastroenterologyNew Orleans, LA174.2 MI05/10/2022
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