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Know Their Story

Oftentimes, a simple web registration doesn’t tell the whole story behind a physician or advanced practitioner’s job search. That’s why our Physician Relations Representatives take the time to interview registered candidates one on one to get their stories—the why behind each candidate’s job search. When you know the why, you’re better able to decide who will be the best match.

When you sign up for inDepth Candidate Interviews, you can easily read these interviews right from Candidate Profiles in the Active Candidate Database or in the daily inDepth Candidate Interview email digest.

  • Exclusive Personal Details: Through detailed personal phone interviews, physicians and advanced practitioners share with our Physician Relations Representatives the why behind their search, regional preferences and family needs.
  • Physician Relations Team: Our Physician Relations Representatives are highly experienced, conducting more than 100 physician interviews every week. Each specialist is trained to interview for different specialties, ensuring each physician is interviewed by someone highly knowledgeable about their specific job-search concerns. In addition, our inDepth Candidate Interviews provide you with more keywords that increase your search effectiveness, making finding the right candidates as easy as possible.
  • In-house Recruiters Only: inDepth Candidate Interviews are exclusively available to in-house recruiters with PracticeLink Online accounts. 


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