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without the cost and hassle of travel and exhibiting.

We meet thousands of job-seeking physicians at 15+ national specialty conferences yearly, and you can get the detailed inPerson Conference Lead reports for a fraction of the cost of exhibiting on your own. With airfare and booth fees—plus time away from work and family—it's costly to attend conferences and sort through leads yourself. Let us do it for you.

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Exclusive lead reports provide all the details you seek.

Get lead reports of the active job-seekers our team members meet at each specialty conference. Reports include details such as:

  • Name
  • Specialty
  • Degree
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email address
  • Geographic areas of interest
  • Date when candidate would be available
  • Professional status (e.g., practicing, in residency, retired)
  • Detailed notes

Choose leads from the most in-demand specialty conferences.

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2017 Schedule

Specialty Date Conference City Order
Orthopaedic Surgery March 15–17 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons San Diego Get leads
Internal Medicine March 30–April 1 American College of Physicians-Internal Medicine San Diego Get leads
Internal Medicine TBD Assoc. of Program Directors in Internal Medicine TBD Get leads
Neurology April 24–27 American Academy of Neurology Boston Get leads
Hospital Medicine May 1–4 Society of Hospital Medicine Las Vegas Get leads
Gynecology May 6–10 American College of OB/GYN San Diego Get leads
Urology May 12–16 American Urological Association Boston Get leads
Physician Assistants May 17–18 American Academy of Physician Assistants Las Vegas Get leads
Thoracic Surgery, Pulmonary, Critical Care May 17–24 American Thoracic Society Washington, D.C. Get leads
Psychiatry May 20–27 American Psychiatric Association San Diego Get leads
Nurse Practitioners June 20–25 American Association of Nurse Practitioners Philadelphia Get leads
Family Medicine July 27–29 American Academy of Family Physicians Nat l Conf. Kansas City, Mo. Get leads
Family Medicine Sept. 12–17 American Academy of Family Physicians San Antonio Get leads
Pediatrics Sept. 16–19 American Academy of Pediatrics Chicago Get leads
Gastroenterology Oct. 13–18 American College of Gastroenterology Orlando, Fla. Get leads
Surgery Oct. 22–26 American College of Surgeons San Diego Get leads
Emergency Medicine Oct. 30– Nov. 2 American College of Emergency Physicians Washington, D.C. Get leads

What do clients say about inPerson Conference Leads?

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"We are very happy with the PracticeLink inPerson Conference Leads. I love the fact that you are there when we can't be. We've been very impressed with the volume of leads that you collect and think the world of PracticeLink!"

Deborah Atkins

"We are very happy with inPerson. I believe the value is that we as a department can't be everywhere, but with PracticeLink collecting leads for us, it's like we are in two places at one time. We have important needs that we can't make it to, so inPerson is a big money- and time-saver. Even when we can exhibit at a conference that PracticeLink is also attending, we benefit because it's like we are doubling up our efforts."

Greg Foster