Get your jobs in front of the most job-seeking physicians.

The PracticeLink Job Bank receives 1.7 million+ page views monthly, which means posting your jobs on PracticeLink gets them in front of the widest yet most targeted physician audience available. Candidates can quickly locate your opportunities, read detailed descriptions and respond to you directly and immediately.

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Detailed job postings let you share the info physicians seek.

Each of your Job Profile Pages provides candidates with abundant information about one of your opportunities. Easily add headlines, images, videos, links and maps to showcase what your opportunity entails.

Job Headline

Get more responses with this brief description, which entices physicians to click on your job posting in their search results.

Job Details

Let candidates know exactly what the opportunity entails. Provide any info you'd like about special qualifications needed, benefits and compensation.


Include up to 10 captioned images to catch candidates' attention and show them your facility and community.

Your Contact Info

Include your contact information so that candidates can reach you directly (even if they choose not to register!) for more details about an opportunity.

Embedded Video

Share more about your opportunity, facilities and organization by embedding YouTube videos right into your Job Profile Page.

Community and Facility Details

Show your community's appeal with a description of the region's attractions and geography. This section also includes a link to your Organization Profile Page.

Community Links and Map

Help job-seekers learn about your region by including up to 10 links for local realtors, schools, and more. Plus, make it convenient for them to pinpoint your location with Google Maps. (Include your location's ZIP code to appear in the most job search results.)

Job Sharing Tools

Share your jobs instantly via email or social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Powerful search tools help the best-fitting candidates find your jobs.

Through the PracticeLink Job Search, physicians are able to find nearly all available jobs in their specialties nationwide. They can easily sort their results by location and keywords, which ensures your jobs always get seen by the best-fitting candidates.

Targeted search, relevant results

Candidates can search jobs by specialty, location and keyword, ensuring they always see relevant opportunities. Once candidates select specialty and location, search results are listed by distance from the location selected, meaning even opportunities in small and rural locations get seen on PracticeLink.

Confidential browsing means more candidates

We don't require busy physicians to register with PracticeLink before accessing recruiter contact info. This means you will receive calls and inquiries about your posted jobs from both active, registered candidates and highly sought-after passive candidates who are browsing PracticeLink confidentially. It also means more physicians can see your opportunities!

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Organization Pages build your employer brand.

When you post in the PracticeLink Job Bank, you also get an Organization Profile Page, which showcases your organization, facility, community and opportunities all in one place. This page provides physicians with an overview of all your open jobs plus more info about your culture. Include images, videos and links to provide a better picture of your employer brand.

All your opportunities listed by specialty

Your Organization Profile Page includes a comprehensive list of your opportunities and the specialties for which you're recruiting, making this page invaluable to candidates looking to work in your organization.

All your opportunities listed by location

Open opportunities in multiple locations? Your Organization Profile Page lets you tell job-seekers all the states in which your organization's opportunities are located.

Photos and video show off your employer brand

Don't just tell candidates about your facilities—show them! Include up to 10 images and captions to show off your facility and community and entice even passive job-seekers to respond. Plus, embed a YouTube video to connect with candidates and share more about your organization's story.

Wide distribution gets your jobs maximum exposure.

Your job postings on PracticeLink get maximum exposure thanks to daily emails to candidates.

Your jobs, emailed daily

Your new and updated jobs are emailed to 50,000+ active candidates daily through our Job Messenger emails. (Providers who register with PracticeLink opt in to these emails, which are customized by specialty and location.) Candidates can apply to your opportunity with a single click from their email.

Easy updating to keep jobs fresh

PracticeLink makes it easy to keep your job posts fresh without having to repost them. Simply verify that a position is still open, and it will regain prominence in search results and in our Job Messenger emails—without losing any analytics.

Instantly integrate your jobs into your own website.

The PoweredBy PracticeLink tool lets you feature your PracticeLink job postings on your own corporate website with your own site's look and feel. With a simple line of code, you (or someone in your IT department) can embed your job postings into your website. Any updates you make to your opportunities in PracticeLink will automatically appear on your corporate site as well, which means no more updating job postings in multiple places! In addition, all the view and click data from the posts displayed on your own site will also be available in your PracticeLink dashboard.

What do clients say about posting jobs on PracticeLink?

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"I would recommend PracticeLink to anyone recruiting. It is as essential as pen is to paper. If you are going to recruit physicians and you need a comprehensive product that is affordable and consistent, you have to have PracticeLink. I have consistently hired physicians year after year from the product."

Paula Johnson
Cox Health

"One of my favorite features of PracticeLink is that once we post our jobs, candidates or physicians are able to apply directly to our positions ... and we're able to reach out to those physicians specifically because they have expressed interest in our positions .... Because of this we have successfully hired four physicians and are looking forward to hopefully staffing more doctors for our program. I highly recommend PracticeLink to anybody who needs to hire more doctors for their practice."

Rafael Rivas
Family HealthCare Network