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Jonas Bateman

Jonas Director of Recruitment
Integrated Behavioral Health
Madison 35758
(256) 690-2517
(256) 288-3334


Hello Doctor,

My name is Jonas Bateman I am the Director of Recruting for Integrated Behavioral Health.  I recruit for IBH and only for IBH.  I do not work on commission nor do I receive any sort of placement payment if I were to sign you; since I will litterally be working with you in this company I will not lie to you about what we offer, who we are or what we do.  I am not intersted in mearly placing a body into a slot and moving on.  If you are not a good fit or will not be happy here, I will not attempt to pressure you into a contract.  As someone who is married to a physician on staff, I know first hand what it means to work in a good enviorment, like the people you work with, and feel like you are part of a team.

I came to live in Alabama from Los Angeles CA, and, honestly, it was the best move I ever made.  If you have any concerns about living in the south, please reconsider.  I have learned the reputation of the South and the reality of the South are different.   It has been my experience that the people of Alabama have been as warm and hospitable, even to a native Californian like myself.   

I am always happy to talk to a potential candidate, please feel free to call or text me anytime.  

Thanks for reading!