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Kathy Lawson

Kathy Director, Physician Services/Recruitment
Metro Health - University of Michigan Health
Wyoming 49519
(616) 252-5283


To recruit physicians, give them a voice and be honest.

I like to point out that Metro Health is a physician-led health organization, where doctors play an essential role in determining our strategy and operational policies.

Statements like these must be sincere, but it is an easy case to make at Metro Health, which was founded more than 75 years ago by physicians who wanted to improve care for their patients. That commitment has only grown in the ensuing decades.

We understand physicians endure great sacrifice, study for years, accumulate student debt, train for long, grueling hours all for one purpose: They want to treat patients. They didn’t embark on this noble profession just to navigate bureaucracies, nor to battle an administration that doesn’t understand their needs. That’s why we have established a structure that ensures physicians will be supported in their work. This is formalized through a council of physicians and advanced practice providers.

Physician leadership is one of the reasons Metro Health is recognized for its patient-focused approach, which drives our commitment to excellence and innovation. I find this appeals to many physicians.

Find the right fit and follow through

Which brings us back to the basic philosophical approach to attracting physicians who find a sense of belonging and purpose within our organization and our community. My relationship with physicians does not end when a contract is signed – in fact, it is only beginning.

From the moment we engage with a candidate, we put a priority on listening to them. We want to know how the onboarding process went, how their practice is going, if they are getting the support they need, where we can improve.

I am proud to maintain long-term relationships with providers I recruited years ago. These relationships are based on trust and honesty and making sure their voices are always heard.

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