We’re in anniversary mode here at PracticeLink as we celebrate 20 years of being the most widely used physician recruitment tool and helping physicians and advanced practitioners find their dream practice.

It is our goal to empower you with industry insights and job search and career guidance through PracticeLink.com, PracticeLink Magazine and in person at physician specialty conferences and our national Career Advancement Workshops and Job Fairs.

We appreciate hearing stories about your successes and your challenges in your search for your first or next practice, as each encounter gives us an opportunity to discover new ways we can support your search.

Recently, I met a physician who intended to complete residency in June, located her dream job in Texas and accepted the offer—only to lose out on the opportunity because she applied for her Texas license when she got the offer, not before. Unfortunately, her Texas license won’t be awarded until December, and the facility was forced to move forward with another candidate.

I wish I would have met her last year and shared with her that California, Florida and Texas are among the states with the longest licensing periods, which have been known to take as long as nine to 12 months. As we talked, I shared with her the importance of building enough time throughout your job search for all the necessary steps—including licensing.

Keep in mind that some states (Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine (Medical), Nevada (Osteo), New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Virgin Islands and Wyoming) require registering with the Federation of State Medical Boards (FCVS) before you apply for a state license.

The Career Resources section of PracticeLink.com has many other suggestions to improve your job search—and we’ve recently launched a technology update to further empower you.

This new technology platform gives you more options to search and apply for your desired practice opportunities through PracticeLink.com. New features include even more control over your profile privacy, new ways to search for jobs, and more powerful keyword searches. Here’s a look at what’s new for job seekers:

1. Better control of your PracticeLink profile.

In the new PracticeLink, you are able to control who sees your Candidate Profile. For example, you can choose to be visible to recruiters at most facilities, but hidden from specific employers in which you’re not interested.

By offering you greater control over your profile, we aim to empower you to the maximum in your job search.

2. More choices for your geographic preferences.

Need to limit your search to a particular area—or are you open to a broader region of opportunities? The choice is yours. You now have the ability to let in-house recruiters know exactly what state you’re interested in, or select a group of states or entire region in which to focus your search.

3. Ability to upload your CV

Upload your CV and attach it to your PracticeLink profile during the registration process, and you’ll give in-house recruiters even more information to help determine the opportunities for which you may be a good fit.

If you’ve chosen to limit your visibility from specific hospitals or health systems, your CV will be hidden from those employers as well. As you’re applying to jobs through PracticeLink, you can now send your stored CV directly to the recruiter you’re contacting.

4. Better search tool

Search for jobs by keywords to find opportunities with your particular focus or in locations that offer your hobby or desired amenities. Try “kayaking” for example to find a community in which water plays a role. This feature will allow you to search for positions by more than just specialty and location and help you find a place where both your personal and professional lives can thrive.

Wherever you are in your physician job search, PracticeLink can help. Please give our Physician Relations team a call at (800) 776-8383 or email. We provide free job-search advice, can sign you up to receive alerts of newly posted jobs in your specialty, and help you connect with the opportunities that will fit you best.

We look forward to helping you find your dream practice!